Tetbury Car Parking Working Group needs You

May 4, 2022

Parking in Tetbury has become an increasing problem. Whilst we want to encourage tourists to visit Tetbury, if they can’t park this gives a very negative view of the town. Moreover, the historic build in the town means that a significant proportion of houses do not have parking and may have to make use of public car parks. The proportion of residents able to take advantage of the parking access scheme has reduced recently.

We need to find solutions to these problems whilst acknowledging the need to reduce car ownership and emissions as a result of the climate emergency the world faces.

We are setting up a council-led community group of around 10 residents to look at the issues and build on the excellent work already undertaken by District Cllr Norris.

If you would be interested in joining this group, please email reception@tetbury.gov.uk with your name, address and, if appropriate, any group you represent by Wednesday 4th May. We are hoping to have our first meeting in the beginning of May.

Parking In Tetbury