Councillors make policy and take key decisions on the Council’s budget, priorities, and how the Council should be run.

Liz Farnham



I am delighted and honoured to be appointed Mayor of Tetbury and Chair of the Town Council.

My aim is to build stronger relationships with the community to ensure that Tetbury gets the services and facilities it deserves, for the benefit of the whole community.  

I have been a Councillor for eight years; this is the fourth Council I have served on.  During my time as Chair of the Finance and Scrutiny committee, I brought greater accountability, rigor and visibility to the Town Council’s spending plans.  I am pleased to be working with the current committee to ensure that taxpayers’ money is spent wisely and in accordance with the rules and regulations.  

Since moving to Tetbury I have taken an active role in ‘Tetbury life’.   I was a member of the marvellous Tetbury in Bloom team for many years; I am Chair of the Tetbury Film Society and I regularly attend events in support of the town’s many groups and societies.  

Zowie Baker

Deputy Mayor


I have lived in Tetbury around 35 years but by family have been here many more. I went to St Mary’s Primary School and Sir William Romney’s School. I have two young children, one at St Mary’s Primary School and one at Sir William Romneys. I work for my family’s business GLC & R Williams.

I have just started helping with the local children’s group and I am hoping to help a lot more in the future. I am chair of Health, Wellbeing and Youth committee and vice chair of Heritage & Regeneration committee. I am also the Council representation for social housing. My aim is to help wherever I can with the youth in the town to give them what I had as a child growing in Tetbury, such great memories.

Ian Watson


Originally from Manchester, my career took me to many places around the world. Having decided to take early retirement, Tetbury turned out to be the perfect place, situated in the green heart of the Cotswolds and equidistant between Bath and Cheltenham, where my wonderful Daughters live with their families. I am an active governor at SWR, a member of the Royal Voluntary Service and proud to be part of the Tetbury Community Fridge Team. 


Giving my time,effort and energy to serve the community is both personally fulfilling and,will hopefully benefit the citizens of Tetbury.    


Nikki Ind



I have lived in Tetbury now since 1990, have worked in the town and surrounding area since 1997 and am proud to have been elected to serve our community.

I believe that the Health & Wellbeing of our residents of all ages should be at the core of the work that we do. I ama member of the Town Council Health, Wellbeing and Youth Committee and I'm also a member of the Climate Strategy working group.

I am married to my husband Simon and our two grown up children attended The Ferns Playgroup, St Mary’s Primary School and Sir William Romney’s.

I am proud to have been elected as a member of The Thirteen of Tetbury and I am also a Trustee of the Tetbury Welfare Charities.

Over the years I have been actively involved in many organisations in the town including, Governor at St Mary’s Primary School. Chairman of The Friends of Tetbury Hospital, St Mary’s Church, Tetbury Summer Show and Tetbury Brownies.

After bringing up our family in such a very special town, I want to give something back and will work to make a difference for us all.

Rodney Smith


I have lived in Tetbury 40 years and attended Sir William Romneys School  

I am Married with four children and have eight grandchildren.

I have worked locally all my life and now retired but still active in the community.  

I enjoy fundraising for local charities and now being a councillor, I can also spend my time making Tetbury a better place.

Since being a Cllr I have taken on several projects the most recent was turning the dilapidated phone Box on Northfield rod into a Defibrillator Hub.  

I look forward to more opportunities to better Tetbury Town

Ann Pearce



Originating from Liverpool, I have lived in Tetbury for 47 years, moving here because my father was from Tetbury. 

I have been married to Colin for 34 years, I have 3 daughters with Colin and 2step-children, all of whom are grown up now and have children of their own so life is pretty busy! 

I have a health and social care background, I care deeply about welfare issues within the town and will work hard in this area for a town that cares for all. 

I have numerous grandchildren and I care passionately about youth provision within the town and I firmly believe that we should be driven by the youth into providing the right resources for youth provision both for now and in the future! 

I am also lucky enough to be on the committee of Tetfest, which is a great privilege to work alongside a great group of volunteers raising much needed funds for local charities. Tetfest aims to provide an inclusive range of activities to suit all pockets.

Since joining the Council in 2019, I have been lucky enough to Chair the Highways Working Group, the Youth Committee and have been honoured to have been Mayor from May 2020 - May 2022.  I am very much committed to the Wellbeing of Tetbury no matter what your age. I have completed my Domestic Abuse training, Energy Efficiency and Assessment Training and Dementia Friends Training along with members of the Town Council Staff. I also along with Cllr Ind lucky enough to secure a grant for creating the position of The Health and Wellbeing Co-Ordinator, I am hugely pleased with the installation of the community fridge, for helping to reduce food waste, this has been hugely successful !

My aim has been a simple one, and that is to bring and facilitate as many services as possible into the Town to reduce travelling times for our residents, whilst also lowering our carbon footprint.

Cllr Ann Pearce

Colin Pearce



I have lived in Tetbury for 64 years attended St Mary’s School and Sir William Romney’s, member of Tetbury cubs and scouts, played sports for the town.

Studied engineering at Stroud college, I became Works Director of a local firm and I am currently running a family business in plumbing and electrical.

I have 5 children who all attended all Tetbury schools and attend organisations within the town. I am looking to make a difference for the town and surrounding area.

Steve Scott


I have lived in Tetbury with my wife , Mandy, and six children, who have all now, mostly, flown the nest, since2007. I run a small independent software consultancy business that employs people locally and I try to use local shops and facilities to encourage local business and groups.

Since arriving in town I have tried to be an active part of the community. Currently I am a trustee of Tetbury Area Youth and Community Trust and the chair of trustees of the Dolphins Recreation Centre.

When I have time I am a member of the Tetbury Dolphins Running Club and The Dolphins Amateur Dramatics Society.

As a new member of the Finance and Scrutiny committee I intend to ensure that the money that the council is entrusted with is spent wisely and efficiently to bring the maximum benefit possible to the town.

Judith Taylor



I am looking forward to my second term as a Tetbury Town Councillor. I am hoping that, over the next four years, the council will develop more effective links with the community in order to tackle the priorities of the residents, businesses and tourists in Tetbury. Once again, I am sitting on the Planning Committee, Finance and Scrutiny, and the Climate Strategy and Car Parking Working Groups.

I look forward to supporting our new mayor, Liz Farnham, as she seeks to build on the priorities already identified in the Neighbourhood Plan and the council's Business Plan.

Peter Coleman



I have lived in Tetbury for 23 years having visited previously over the last 40 years.

My experience as the owner of a Care Home in Wiltshire enables me to have broad understanding of the issues effecting both young and old.

My aim is to work towards a better environment for the people of Tetbury and maintain our historic heritage.

Kevin Painter


01666 503640 or 07745

I am a fifth generation Tetburian, older Tetburians’ will remember my family who provided me with my moral compass and love of our town. Newer residents will know me from my weekly Wilts and Glos. Newspaper column and some of the various committees I enjoy assisting including St. Mary’s School as a governor; as a member of St. Mary’s Church and PCC; Tetbury Area Churches Together; a founding member of the Tetbury Tenants’ Association and the Tetbury Business Forum (formerly the Tetbury Development Group).

I have been a member of Tetbury Town Council for six years and I have served as Deputy Mayor twice. I work in the media as a writer, photographer and illustrator. I use my creative skills within the Council with the design of various leaflets and layouts. Finally I am lucky that I am accessible to many and very proud to be giving people a voice who feel they have none, and I remain committed to the future of Tetbury and faithful to its past.

Suzanne Sanderson


I have lived in Tetbury nearly all my life after my parents moved here in the early 1970’s from Rochdale. I went to school at St Mary’s Primary and Sir William Romneys as did my partner Paul and both our children. My working background is in hospitality and tourism which has taken me into a variety of roles over my career, my most rewarding role being a lecturer at Cirencester College for 12 years.


I am now in the position where I am able to give the time required for the role of councillor and I currently am sitting on the Heritage and Regeneration and Health and Well-being committees. My aim is to make positive links with the community and help provide the town with the services and facilities that are needed and deserved.


I am a Trustee and also the Child Welfare Officer for Tetbury Cricket Club, where I am proud to be part of this fully inclusive club.

Peter Leech


I have lived in Tetbury for about 10 years now, I was born and bred in Berkshire and have spent most of my working life within the emergency services. I have been a radio operator for Thames Valley Police, then moved on to the Royal Berkshire Ambulance Service, where I was trained to Paramedic level. Whilst working for the Ambulance Service I was lucky enough to work in my spare time for a medical company who supplied medics for Film units, I have worked on all the Harry Potter Movies, A number of James Bond Movies and  many more films and TV shows. Unfortunately, I was medically retired at the age of 40. After several brain surgeries, I started work for Cotswold Volunteers as a mini-bus driver, and about 6 years ago I managed to secure a position with Tesco in Stroud. I transferred to Tetbury around 3 years ago, this is where most of you will know me from, as I was The Community Champion for Tetbury Tesco.  Tesco have made adjustments to allow me to continue to work with them but now only on checkouts. I am active within the community and can often be seen in one of my many guises as The Easter Bunny, Santa Claus to name a couple. I regularly volunteer at The Friendship Café, which was set up by Tetbury Town Council, and have done since its conception. I have the label of being disabled but, those who know me, know I only see the ABLE in that word! I have always strived to help people wherever I can and look forward to helping this wonderful community to the best of my ability.

Patricia Burrell



This will be my 2nd term as a Councillor onTTC. I look forward to Working with like minded  fellow Councillors and the Officers who are vital to an efficient council

I moved from East Sussex in 2007 to be nearer to family having worked in Local Government as Election Manager I also have a background in brewing.

On my arrival in Tetbury I joined the WI which is an excellent way to make friends and friendships and served on the committee for 8 years  I have been on the management committee of the Dolphins Recreation Centre for 12 years and I am one of the Project team for the new build I am also on the committee of the Tetbury Film Society and act as the booking secretary

If I can be of any assistance to anyone please contact me I will try to help and / or find the answers