Tetbury Town Council (TTC) supports the vision enshrined in the emerging Neighbourhood Development Plan of making Tetbury ‘the most vibrant town in the Cotswolds’.

Our Vision for Tetbury

To this end, it will seek to sustain a strong sense of community, to fight to ensure that infrastructure keeps pace with growth whilst preserving and celebrating Tetbury’s heritage and protecting its outstanding countryside.

Working with Gloucestershire County Council, Cotswold District Council, local organisations and charities, TTC aspires to the following aims:

  1. A flourishing local economy where quality jobs are available locally

  2. Caring and efficient medical and welfare provision for all

  3. Educational and youth services that raise aspirations and encourage community engagement

  4. Meeting places and activities that keep our elders engaged, fit and active

  5. A high standard of sport and leisure provision that serves the whole community

  6. Space suitable for both performance and participation in the Arts

  7. Enhancement and protection of green spaces both within and at the edge of the town

  8. Infrastructure provision to meet the needs of a growing modern community

Tetbury Neighbourhood Plan

Click here to view our neighbourhood plan

Climate Change

All Gloucestershire councils have now declared a climate emergency.

TTC declared a climate emergency in November 2020. This included commitments for the town to be net zero by 2030, and deliver a carbon neutral county by 2050, working with partners to deliver an 80% reduction by 2030.

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