Join us in the woods to immerse yourself in nature, slow down, connect and learn.

November 28, 2022

Woodland Wellbeing Groups


Join us in the woods to immerse yourself in nature, slow down, connect and learn.

In these gentle and supportive sessions, we focus our attention away from stress and worries and towards the here and now, observing nature's beauty and learning new, empowering skills.

·  Thursdays during term time, 10 am to 2 pm

·  Every first Saturday of the month, 9.30 am to 12.30 pm

·  Hailey Wood, between Cirencester and Stroud

·  Registration via

Each session is a mix of activities, e.g.:

  • Bushcraft (fire-lighting, whittling, foraging)
  • Conservation
  • Natural crafts
  • Camp craft
  • Mindful nature connection
  • Campfire cooking

We spend time as a group and carry out tasks together, e.g. we start and finish the day in the circle and we all help to pack equipment away at the end of the session. However, all our activities are offers only; if just sitting by the campfire is what you need on the day, that's absolutely fine. We encourage you to develop your own interests and share your ideas, in a gentle way that suits you.

No experience is necessary and all tools and equipment are provided.

This group is for everyone from the age of 18 years who would like to spend more time in nature. We welcome you whatever your economic background, gender, race, age, religious beliefs or sexual orientation might be. Into Nature CIC is committed to creating an inclusive community where everyone feels welcome, valued for who they are, and safe.

Spending time and connecting with nature has proven benefits for your mental and physical health. This group may be beneficial for you if you feel lonely, burnt out, have mental health challenges, long-term health conditions or you are neurodivergent.

Our sessions offer opportunities to relax, connect to other people, be active, improve resilience and raise self-esteem. The focus is on improving your wellbeing. However, we are not trained mental or physical health professionals; we do not offer therapy, counselling or other health-related services and our sessions are not a substitute for these. We can signpost you to other services if needed.

We will try our best to make our sessions as accessible as we can by adapting activities to your needs. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our site, it is sadly not suitable for wheelchairs and there might be other limitations to accessibility due to uneven and slippery ground, toilet facilities etc. Please contact us if you would like clarification about this before registering.

After registration, we will get in touch to clarify questions and discuss any support needs.


Woodland Wellbeing Groups